This program started in conjunction with Central Gauteng Judo, Hajime Judo Academy and Jigotai Judo club, in 2008.


The aim was to better, through judo, the life cognitive skills, of these children from predominantly Diepsloot and its informal settlements as well as the Kosmos City and surrounding squatter communities.


The benefits of this project are numerous from the creation of leaders through confidence building, to the physical growth and development on a personal level, to the creation of social structure and friendships.


The coaches are dedicated and often do this work for the love of the sport. Richard Overbeek and Jonathan Leepo do a sterling job and it culminated in a development team being entered in the SA Champs in 2009, in the B-League. The players did very well and some have now made the provincial teams as a non-development status player.


For these players the fact that they are now seen as prime sportsman is unbelievable. Our aim is to promote many of these players to a status of normality, through Judo. To many of these children sports have become a way forward and out of their sometimes very difficult situations!


Funding remains key to the promotion and upliftment of the children. The monetary assistance currently is enough to promote and assist only the truly talented 5%, thus the development of many is inhibited.


If you feel that you could assist in any way or means please contact Paul Nothnagel on 0829202454. Paul is the Development Officer for Central Gauteng Judo (CGJ) as well as the Vice Chairman for CGJ.