Ever increasing time constraints and financial pressure has placed the entrepreneur and small business sector between the bark and the tree!

More often than not we have found that the “one man” business or small business owner has been pushed to one side in the pursuit of the larger accounts and corporate clientele. Mist Blue’s founding member,  Johan de Lange, took to heart the frustration being felt by these entrepreneurs and SMME’s of being a mere cog in the large wheel of business and the shortfall in the industry to implement cost effective, long term solution through sound and practical labour advise for up and coming and developing companies.

The Founder

Johan’s colorful career started in 1993 as a IR officer for Baragwanath Hospital from 1994 – 1999 as IR officer for Babcock Construction. 1999-2006 as IR Manager for Venture (manufacturing) and from 2006 until his untimely death in 2009 as a Regional Organizer and Dispute Resolution Officer for CAESAR (Employers organisation). Mid 2007 Johan asked his wife, Deanne, to join Misty Blue as the company and region had grown to a point where he required a full time administrator / bookkeeper.

Johan J. de Lange


Father, husband, colleague and friend

A great man whom will be sorely missed for his insight, never-ending patience, kindness and infinite wisdom!

Deanne having most recently being employed as a Production Manager for close on 6 years, where she had also been responsible for all HR matters which included CCMA representation and chairing the odd hearing, Johan was confident that she would be able to add value to the region and ultimately to Misty Blue.After his untimely death Deanne, along with the assistance of professional labour consultants, decided to continue with Johan’s legacy in providing cost effective and service orientated labour solutions.